Pre-wedding Pictures: Olachi and Joe Uzodinma in "IJE LOVE"

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The begining

Joe and i met about a year ago through a mutual friend immediately i got out of camp. I was in no mood for dating at the time. I told my friend (a guy) who introduced me to Joe about my desire to not date any one then. But then Joe and i kept on chatting and talking on phone  about nothing specific. then one day i didn't hear from him and oddly i was a little pissed. But i was still convincing myself i didn't want anything to do with him. But by that time i had started liking him sha. I guess i was just sacred.

But basically one day while i was busy forming wonder woman who has got everything under control, he looked straight into my eyes and said i looked fragile. Like i was tired of anybody wasting my time. He said i looked like i was ready to be adored and taken care of. People don't usually see that soft side of me but he did. Some how i knew he was sincere and i guess that was when i decided i should give this love a chance. 

What followed

Then it was date after date and fun after fun. Then came the fights which we over came and now its happily ever after by God's grace. 

The proposal

He proposed on his birthday may 1st. i was on night duty at the hospital. i wasnt supposed to be on duty but unfortunately it was the day of the second Nyanya bombing. I later found out he had planned a romantic dinner out. But when it changed he brought it to the clinic and as you can guess i said; YES! 

I guess what i'll say is unique for me is that ever since we started dating, we have seen each other every single day whether i had to work or not, he would come; till date. I kept waiting to get bored but it never happened. 

Pre-wedding shoot. 

For our pre-wedding shoot we decided to go with what we love doing together the most. Hanging out any time any where and enjoying each others company. Thank God for the amazing photographer that got recommended to us by our event planner. Never did i know photo shoot could be so much fun. 

We started from the house. Took it to the streets. Then to the park and finally ended up in one of our favourite restuarant. So that basically sums up my little love story which my naughty little sister calls 'Ije Love' and funny enough; it stuck. IJE LOVE. 

Olachi and Joe got married in Abuja on 25th october 2014 after the trditional marriage ceremony the previous week.


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